Brian E Prell

Brian E Prell

Owner / Physical Therapist

The Owner of Rehabilitation and Performance Center. Mr. Prell is nationally known for his work in physical therapy including an emphasis in the treatment of vestibular and non-vestibular disorders.

A few years ago, a journalist was interviewing Mr. Prell about his practice. During the interview she asked a common question but his answer surprised her. She asked him, “Why are you passionate about Physical Therapy?” His response? “I am not passionate about Physical Therapy…I’m passionate about the way WE do Physical Therapy.”

While he was in PT school a professor shared with the class how to develop the model for an ideal practice. This model was very patient centric and focused on evidence based medicine, providing one-on-one care, engaging with patients, and providing an environment which allows staff to develop relationships with the people in the communities in which we practice. Then, on graduation, he said if we ever found this type of practice we needed to join it and grow there, because they are few and far between. He never forgot that message.

After practicing for a few years with a national organization, an opportunity was made available for Mr. Prell to possibly move into the area of private practice. His vision for the practice would be to create that very practice his professor spoke of in PT school. Despite the detractors who told him it couldn’t be done. Despite being told that the business model would never be sustainable over time.

Despite all that, he opened Rehabilitation and Performance Center in March 2009 in Greensboro, GA at Lake Oconee in a 1700 sq. ft. space. Since then, he has expanded to a 3200 sq. ft. space and has added an aquatics therapy pool. Also during that time, in 2013 he added a second office at 316 Professional Quarters in Watkinsville, GA where his practice continued to grow and provide individual care to the residents of the community and surrounding areas. Things are good…great actually.

How does he do it? Simple…by being obsessed with providing patients with an unbelievable experience through personal engagement and individual care. The Rehabilitation and Performance Center’s therapists aren’t treating 16+ patients per day and never will. It’s not their model. Their therapists treat 11-12 patients per day…intentionally. Patients are seen by licensed credentialed therapists EVERY visit.