About Harmony Medical Center

Harmony Medical Center is the newest addition to our Lake Area properties. It is currently more than 30,000 sq. ft. of dedicated space that provides The Lake Oconee Area and surrounding communities a very diverse group of physicians, specialists and pharmacists that offer the very best medical care for our community.

The Medical Center was the result of a conversation between Lowell White, Harmony Crossing’s developer and Dr. Nick Chronos.

The idea of superior health care close to home that created a compassionate environment were the primary focus from the beginning. Also the concept, now a reality, was for the Medical Center to utilize physician collaboration to maximize the care that can be given to its patients. Dr Nick Chronos founder and lead Physician of Cardiology Care Clinic has played a key role with the Center’s current and future success.

Harmony Medical Center’s staff is dedicated to “Quality Healthcare Close To Home” and strives to meet and exceed our community’s expectations.